Thursday, February 16, 2012

Howard Dean Clarifies The Choice Between Barack Obama and Rick Santorum

On Morning Joe, Howard Dean said today that "Rick Santorum has said a lot of incredibly intolerant things." I would point out that this clarifies things immensely. In fact, this helps distinguish him from Barack Obama, who has done a lot of incredibly intolerant things.

Thanks for clearing that up, Howard.

He also says later in the clip that most Americans don't think sexual morality is the business of the Church. I guess that is the next constriction on freedom of worship: "You can have freedom of worship as long as you leave morality to Caesar."

Yeah, shouldn't be a problem there, Howie. Clearly only fundamentalists think morality has anything to do with religion.

He also says that most Americans don't think sex is any business of the Government. Which, apparently, is why the Democrats are insisting that Government forbid any organization from refusing to pay for contraception and abortions for all women, including unmarried ones. The government wants nothing to do with your sex life but it stands ready to provide you with all the free stuff you need to indulge all you want and punish any employer who does not pay for your orgies.

Great logic, wouldn't you like to see what the Government would be doing if it did think your sex life was any of its business?

You want to know what comes next? My prediction is that if Obama wins in November, Catholic hospitals will be required to perform surgical abortions. (They have already been told they must perform chemical ones by this new Obamacare mandate.) Why? Not because any more abortion providers are needed, but just for the principle involved. It is kind of like getting people to offer a pinch of incense to Caesar as a way of keeping them in line and separating out the highly-principled ones for special harassment.

If Obama wins, civil disobedience will undoubtedly become necessary.

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