Sunday, February 20, 2011

Violent Rhetoric on the Left No Problem for the Left-wing Media

The left-wing media in America is utterly hypocritical and not to be trusted. That is the conclusion a rational, unbiased observer would have to draw based on media coverage of the events this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin as thousands of hateful, violent threats were uttered by left-wing union members against Governor Scott Walker and the media said nothing.

Just a few short weeks ago we were inundated with a constant barrage of stories, quotes, head-shaking and hand-wringing over the supposedly "violent" rhetoric of conservatives in the wake of the shooting rampage by a deranged individual in Arizona. The tone of public debate had created an environment in which such individuals were encouraged to act. Sarah Palin was excoriated because she put targets on winnable seats in the last election on a graphic.

Now we know they were not serious. Of course we actually knew that all along, but now we have empirical, irrefutable proof. Watch this:

Remember, when conservatives start winning the political argument the Left immediately pull the "let's shut them up by attacking them" tactic. Who wants to talk about immigration when the facts are against the Left? Who wants to talk about the deficit when the facts are against the Left? Who wants to talk about public sector unions spending millions to elect friendly public officials who then let them raid the treasury? Who wants to talk about declining American prestige abroad due to a dangerous, incoherent foreign policy that scorns friends and bows and scrapes before enemies and dictators? Better to attack the rhetoric of conservatives.

It is insincere. It is dishonest. It is slimey. But, best of all, it is not working any more. The November midterm elections showed that.

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