Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thought Control: The Real Effect of "Inclusive Language"

One of the most absurd examples of political correctness in the contemporary West is the idea that traditional language is sexist and exclusionary of women. The claim is that speaking of how God loves all mankind actually means that God only loves men and that when we speak of a "chairman" of a committee we imply that no woman could be a chairman of such a committee. The claim is demonstrably false. We know that from reading documents from the pre-PC era (pre-1960s) and observing from the context that the use of the masculine pronoun, for example, was a convention that was universally understood to be a convenient way of referring to the human race.

It is easier to write clear prose using such harmless conventions. To say that a certain character in a play represents "Everyman" is easier than saying that such a character represents "Every man and every woman." And since the postmodern relativists consider gender to be a social construct and since they now believe in multiple genders, even saying "Every man and every woman" is exclusive of those newly discovered genders.

This is not an issue of clarity in communication; it actually obscures clarity. No, the issue is whether or not the entire history of Western civilization is immoral. The postmodern, constructivists wish to paint the entirely of Western culture prior to the 1960s as "patriarchal," which to them means bad. The point of casting traditional culture as evil is to justify social engineering, social experimentation and social revolution.

The real point of inclusive language is to place all pre-1960s literature, religion, ethics, politics, philosophy, and tradition under suspicion. It is a way of cutting people off from their roots and traditions and rendering them postmodern, virtual, free-floating individuals with no solidity and no defense against the social engineers of the managerial class of the modern, bureaucratic state.

Inclusive language forces individuals, by means of coercion, intimidation and punishment, to do pennance for the supposed sins of their ancestors and pay obeisance to the cultural Marxism that is working hard to destroy our culture, our traditions, the family and Christianity.

It is a fad that Christians do well to reject, oppose and refuse to comply with wherever possible. If they control the way you talk, they control the way you think.

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