Monday, January 26, 2009

Pelosi's Unreflective Anti-Humanism

Here we see the leader of the Democrats in the House, Nancy Pelosi, that "great Catholic theologian" defending greater funding for contraception in the current stimulus package being considered by the Democrats: (thanks to First Things blog for posting this)

Well, how many things are wrong with her view?

1. People create economic activity and improve the economy; they are not a drag on the economy. Population decrease is now the biggest economic danger accross the Western world.

2. Her "Nanny State" paternalistic attitude shows through clearly here. She assumes that the State needs to support people. And here I thought we supported the State through our taxes!

3. Who gave the State the right to interfere with families and the decisions of parents to have as many children as God gives them? She assumes without argument that it is the duty of the State to try to reduce family size by pushing contraception. Huh? Since when is that the duty of the State? The family precedes the State historically and ontologically and determines the limits of the State, not the other way around - unless we already have embrace totalitarianism and some of us just didn't get the memo.

4. As a Catholic, why is she aggressively pushing an anti-Catholic moral position? Should she not resign from the Catholic Church if she does not want to be a Catholic? She might think being a Christian is just a matter of what happens on Sunday, but Jesus thinks it is a 7 day per week committment.

5. Here we have a blatant attempt by the Democrats to impose liberal (im)morality on the nation under the cover of an economic program. The Democrats were elected to improve the economy, not to drag down the morals of the nation.

So let's sum up. She plays on being a Catholic politican when it comes to courting the Catholic vote, but she opposes the Church on contraception. She is completely wrong about the economic benefits of increased population. She promotes a totalitarian concept of the State as above the family with the right to try and manipulate parents into having the "right" family size as determined by her. And she assumes that the State must support people, instead of seeing the people as supporting her and the rest of the State apparatus. Oh, and she refuses to apologize for her anti-people position.

It is difficult to imagine how much more error anyone could pack into a 30 second spot.

Update 1:
Matthew Archibald gets to the root of Pelosi's reasoning in this excellent post, which also contains text of the key spot in the interview. He writes:

"But here's the thing. Most people are not a drain on the economy. In fact, middle class and wealthy people put far more dollars into the federal government than they receive. So when Nancy Pelosi is talking about people who sap the Treasury she's talking about poor people.

And rich people can afford their own contraception. Poor people ostensibly can't. So what Nancy Pelosi is really saying here is the federal government must give out contraception in order to prevent poor people from reproducing because they're a drain on the economy. Margaret Sanger would be so proud."

So the great leader of the "compassionate" Left in America reveals her real agenda - to get rid of poor people by helping them kill their children. Its a good thing the cold-hearted Republicans got the boot and were replaced by these Mother Theresa types.

Oh, and speaking of Margaret Sanger, there is also the racial aspect to this issue. About half of all African-American pregnancies now end in abortion and Planned Parenthood deliberately sets up its abortuaries in minority, inner-city neighbourhoods. It is difficult to know if racisim is the origin of the policy or not, (they might just be targeting the poor whatever color they are), but there is no doubt about the end result. Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats are quite comfortable with systematically eliminating the African-American population of the US (and at this rate it won't take as long as one might think) and they are smart enough to do so while simultaneously maintaining their image as humanitarians concerned about the poor. Quite a feat.

Update 2:
See the Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney's excellent article on Pelosi's interview at Catholic Online. He writes:

"It is now becoming clear that the Democratic leadership intends to use the economic crisis to push forward a radical anti-family social agenda."

"Speaker Pelosi shows a clear lack of compassion and understanding of social justice by laying the groundwork for racist and eugenic social policies. Clearly the focus of the distribution of these contraceptives would center on minority communities which tend to be poorer and more economically challenged."

Read it all at:

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