Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama's Outright Deception in the Third Presidential Debate

When John McCain accused Obama of voting against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in the Illinois State Legislature, Obama replied by saying that he only voted against it because it was unnecessary, given that another Illinois State law required that such an infant be given medical treatment. This is his newest excuse. Previously, he claimed that he voted against it because it did not have a neutrality clause concerning Roe v. Wade. When the National Right to Life Committee brought forth documentary evidence proving that, while the original bill lacked this clause, the amended bill included it and Obama still spoke and voted against it anyway. Now he has another excuse: the bill was unnecessary.

But the law Obama is referring to says that only a "viable" child has a right to medical care and, further, that the abortionist is the one to decide whether a child is viable or not. So the law is carefully worded to protect the abortionist, who is never going to declare that a child who unexpectedly survived his attempt to kill it, is viable. That is why babies were born alive and placed in soiled linen rooms to die alone, as nurse Jill Stanek discovered to her shock and horror.
The Born Alive Infant Protection Act stipulates that if a child is born alive as a result of attempted abortion, then a second doctor must be called who then decides what care to give.

Robert George and Yuval Levin respond to Obama's debate deception in this excellent article:

Documentary proof of Obama's deceptions and actions re. the Born Alive Infant Protection Act can be found here:

No facts are actually unclear on this issue. Barack Obama is the most extreme pro-abortion politican ever to run for president and he is also a slippery and deceptive politican who hides his left-wing extremism with the collaboration of many in the media. No matter what one thinks of abortion, everyone should be very concerned about a man who lies so smoothly in order to cover up his past deeds and spins things in such a way as to deceive the general public. It makes one wonder what else he is covering up and how extreme he will actually prove to be once he makes it into power.

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