Friday, October 10, 2008

Calling Evil Good: Morgantaler as "Hero"

Let there be no mistake about one thing. There can be no compromise on abortion. Why? Because the forces promoting the culture of death can never be satisfied with talk of abortion as a "tragic necessity" or the "lesser of two evils." They can never be satisifed with anything less than the "normalization" of abortion as a good thing. This is reflected in the campaign, which has now succeeded, to ram through an Order of Canada for Henry Morgantaler.

Numerous honorable Canadians have returned their awards to the Governor-General in protest, including Gilbert Finn, the former Lt. Governor of New Brunswick: and the Archbishop of Montreal:

Canada has the most extreme libertarian abortion regime on the planet. No laws restrict it in any way. Any time, any reason, any where. And the government writes the cheque. Father Raymond J. de Souza writes a lament for our country:

The culture of death is spreading in our country and euthanasia is next up for "normalization." The elderly, children, the handicapped and all those who are weak and vulnerable are in grave danger from those who have become so secularized that they have lost all fear of God and respect for human life as made in God's image. What Canadian Christians need most is courage, prayer and a willingness to suffer exclusion for the sake of truth. The future is in God's hands.

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