Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This Christmas: Pray for Christians Under the Boot of Islamic Oppression

Latma TV is a satirical site with a serious message. Here is their take on Christmas in Bethlehem.

(Thanks to Scott Masson for pointing out this video for me.)

All over the Western world, we allow Muslims to enter our countries, build mosques, stay in cliques speaking a foreign language and remain under the malign influence of fire-breathing, fundamentalists leaders funded by Saudi Arabia.

In the Middle East, Christians are being persecuted, hounded out and ethnically cleansed. In Iraq the ancient Church (which pre-dates the rise of the Muslim heresy) is nearly extinct. In Egypt (which was a Christian country until being taken over by violent jihadists) Christians are struggling to hang on against persecution and violence. In Judea and Samaria the Palestinian Authority is gradually pushing Christians out. And we send them foreign aid.

I think we should take no more immigrants from and send no more foreign aid to countries that do not offer complete freedom of religion to Christians. Instead we should place them under a trade embargo and seek to isolate them in the court of world opinion.

Islam opposes freedom of religion categorically; Islam therefore is a totalitarian political system which must be opposed by all who love freedom. Islam must change; we must resist.

Pray for our brothers and sisters under the heel of Islam this Christmas. May this be the last Christmas that Muslims rule over Christians anywhere on earth.

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