Saturday, July 30, 2011

The CBC Tries to Pin the Norway Murders on "Christian Fundamentalists"

Ezra Levant has a terrific 9 minute monologue on the media coverage of the Breivik murders in Norway. He shows footage from the CBC that identifies him as a "Christian fundamentalist" and then he gives quotes from his internet manifesto that clearly show (1) that Breivik knew what a Christian fundamentalist is and (2) that Breivik was not a Christian fundamentalist. Insofar as he could be said to be anything (because his manifesto is rambling and incoherent consisting of cut and paste excerpts from everyone from Dan Brown to Charles Darwin to Ghandi to Mark Steyn) he could more plausibly be described as a liberal Protestant.

Here is also a segment of Levant's show in which he interviews Michael Coren about the story. They make it crystal clear that this tragic event has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity, fundamentalist or otherwise.

The liberal media coverage of this event has been downright creepy.


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