Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Pro-life Ad for the Super Bowl

The "dictatorship of relativism" watch is pretty busy these days. You may have heard of the Super Bowl, which marketers expect to be watched by about 100 million Americans. That is a pretty big platform, I'm sure you would agree. But some people are upset that a pro-life ad featuring college sensation Tim TeBow will be allowed to air on the broadcast.

The radical left is losing the debate on abortion. Anti-abortion opinion has risen sharply in the past year, thanks in part to a reaction against the most radically pro-abortion president in American history. According a recent CNN poll, only about 18% of Americans now believe that abortion should be legal in all circumstances, as it in fact is now in both the US and Canada.

So what does the left do, having lost the debate? It shows its true fascist colors by attempting to stifle free speech and keep the people from hearing the truth. There is no hope for the pro-abortion forces except to intimidate and silence those who speak the truth and that is the opposite of classical, nineteenth century liberalism: it is fascism. And the left is less and less liberal and more and more fascist as time goes on.

The National Organization of Women has attempted to pressure CBS into refusing an ad featuring college quarterback sensation Tim Tebow, whose mother refused the advice of doctors and did not abort him when she was pregnant with him. You can read the details here. The headline of this post by Jim Hoft says it all: "Heartless Progressives to Tim TeBow: We Wish You Were Never Born."

(For the sports scoop on Tebow, go here. TeBow is the son of missionary parents and he was home-schooled. He is handsome, poised, well-spoken and has a strong Christian faith and strong moral convictions. He also happens to be one of the best college quarterbacks in America and is a projected first round draft pick.)

Now, Tim TeBow's mother made a choice. But does NOW honor that? No. Why? Because it was the wrong choice in their view. For the radical feminist movement, "choice" is a euphemism for "choice to abort." It does not mean a choice for life, only a choice for death. But in matters of life and death, that is, in matters of killing and bloodshed, choice is evil. There should be no choice to murder. A society that tolerates private murder for the convenience of the strong is a barbaric society and there is nothing good, wholesome or liberal about the choice to abort.

The evil of the choice to abort corrupts everything. It leads to attempts to supress freedom of religion and free speech. It provides a precedent for killing the elderly, the handicapped and those society deems to be unworthy of life. It glorifies killing as the solution to social problems and leads to eugenics while justifying racism.

It is very telling that ads objectifying women as sex objects can appear on the Super Bowl without feminists complaining, but ads that advocate choosing life offend them. That tells you who is really on the side of women.

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