Friday, November 13, 2009

Italy Rebels Against Secularist Totalitarianism

The Catholic News Agency has a real "Man Bites Dog" story as ordinary Italians rebel against the top-down, totalitarian, secularism that the European Court of Human Rights is attempting to shove down their throats:
"A number of Italian officials have responded to the ruling by the European
Human Rights Court that ordered schools in Italy to remove crucifixes from the
classrooms by taking unprecedented measures to preserve the Christian symbol.

According to the Italian daily “Avvenire,” the mayor of Sezzadio, Pier
Luigi Arnera, has leveled a fine of 500 euros against anyone who removes a
crucifix from a public place.

Arnera explained that the displaying of the crucifix in “places other
than churches does not affect the dignity of anyone, because it is one of our
cultural references.” Likewise in the cities of Sassuolo and Trapani, officials have acquired dozens more crucifixes to display them in public schools.

In Montegrotto Terme, digital billboards that normally are used to inform
the public are now displaying the crucifix with the phrase, “We will not take it

It is about time. Doesn't a court have more pressing issues to deal with than attempting to eradicate every trace of Christian influence on European culture? Well, actually, for a certain kind of militant secularist there is no more important issue. Honor killings, trampling of free speech - trivial issues. But cleansing the public square of all traces of Christian culture: now there is a pressing issue.

Remember: they can only this to you if you choose to let them and if you let them they will strip away your culture, your past, your memory and your religion. They only want consumers with no culture and nothing that makes you able to resist manipulation through advertising and the media. They do not want Italians or Croats or Poles - only Europeans: one-dimensional material men, actually, last men.

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