Monday, July 20, 2009

No Outrage Today

Did you ever have a day when you just didn't feel outraged about anything? I know, I know what some of you are thinking. You know that normal people have those days frequently but you didn't know I ever did! Yeah, sometimes readers of this blog must think I am hyper-critical, cynical and jaded. Well, it isn't really like that at all.

This has been one of the best years of my life because this year I had the most adorable grandson in the history of the world - with some help from my daughter Beth and her husband Chris. A year ago Isaac Aiden Ricci looked like this. You can't see him very well in this photo - his mother is kind of in the way. But he is there all right. He looks better in this more recent photo. The one at the right above is me giving him his first driving lesson. He creeps around the house at breakneck speed already at 10 months; the thought of him behind the wheel is downright scary!
Anyway, the point is (there is a point in here somewhere) that this is July. We have been on vacation for two weeks camping and canoeing in Algonquin Park already and we leave for New Brunswick for 10 days of visiting family in a few days. The weather is good. We have tomatoes and green beans setting on in the garden. The carrots and radish are the best they have been in years. We've already had hodgpodge (that is a Maritime farm dish for those who don't know). We are going to spend a few days in PEI at a cottage with a whole bunch of family and we can't wait to get to the world-famous New Glasgow Lobster Supper.
We are blessed to have our three children, two sons-in-law and one grandson (plus assorted friends) here for dinner for eight birthdays plus Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas each year. From time to time we have students over for dinner and discussion. Family, children, friends, celebrations, summer, gardening, canoeing, birdwatching, reading mystery novels on the deck - all are good, all are gifts, all inspire thanksgiving to God. Today, I think I'll just savor life's good things.
I'll be sure to be outraged again tomorrow.
Upcoming Bloging:
1. I'm trying to read Pope Benedict's new encyclical. I've read some of the slew of comment but it is an avalanche. See a round-up here. I hope to blog on this soon.
2. I'm also hoping to do some blog posts on the Lord's Prayer. I began an eight sermon series on it last Sunday. I preach about 12-15 times per year, so it will wind up in January. I want to make some comments on the fatherhood of God and heaven, in particular, in the days ahead.
3. I also want to reflect on inclusive language and feminism. I'm having very politically incorrect thoughts lately, so you might as well know what "heresies" I'm contemplating.
4. Another topic I want to address is biblical exegesis relating to homosexuality. Never has so much been ventured on so slim an exegetical basis since Mormanism starting baptizing the dead on the basis of that obscure verse in Corinthians that I once counted up 14 different interpretations of with absolutely no consensus.

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