Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You Tube Censors "We Con the World" But Harper Isn't Conned

The long arm of anti-Semitism now extends even to You Tube. Lawrence Soloman at The National Post explains:

YouTube has censored “We con the world,” a parody that mocks the portrayal of the Free Gaza Flotilla as a humanitarian mission. The parody, which went viral, logging three million views in less than a week and has Russian, French, Portuguese, Hebrew and English versions, is a take-off of “We are the world,” the 1985 pop single produced in aid of humanitarian relief for Africa.

YouTube’s reason for shutting down the video sensation?: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner/Chappell Music, Inc,“ YouTube tells those who try to access the parody.

This claim by YouTube is itself a con. As YouTube well knows, parodies are not subject to a copyright claim. To add to the absurdity of YouTube’s claim, YouTube carries numerous other parodies of “We are the world,” – a search on the YouTube site of “We are the world spoof” turns up 5,100 results.

YouTube’s real problem with this viral hit is the virus of anti-Semitism. “We con the world,” which portrays terrorists on the Gaza flotilla’s ship, the MV Mavi Marmara, explaining how they’ll con the world, hits too close to home for many Hamas sympathizers, who mounted a successful campaign to cow YouTube.

Is this the first time anti-Israel politics have gotten to YouTube? Sadly, no.
This isn’t the first time that YouTube succumbed to pressure from terrorist sympathizers. In 2008, YouTube yanked footage showing the conduct of the Israeli Defense Forces during its invasion of Gaza, which also didn’t fit the storyline of Hamas sympathisers.
But the pro-Israel forces are fighting back against the attempted demonizing of Israel by the Leftist-Islamofascist axis. Today Prime Minister Stephen Harper turned up the heat on Hamas-sympathizer Libby Davies:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper stepped up the pressure on the NDP’s Libby Davies to resign her position as her party’s deputy leader on Wednesday, accusing her of making “extremist” statements about Israel that were similar to the language used by terrorist organizations.

“The deputy leader of the NDP knew full well what she was saying,” Mr. Harper said during the daily question period in the House of Commons. “She made statements that could have been made by Hamas, Hezbollah or anybody else with no repercussions from that party whatsoever.”

It is high time that the anti-Israel Leftists in Parliament were held accountable for their support for a genocidal death cult that is in the process of trying to destroy Israel and Western civilization. They deserve a lot worse than what they got today. They are the ones whose extreme and violent views deserve to have no audience.

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