Friday, June 18, 2010

Obama and the "Abortion Reduction" Scam

During the 2008 election campaign a group of supposed Evangelicals (more accurately "sort of, kind of, used to be" Evangelicals) like Jim Wallis and Brian McLaren, claimed that Obama was a new sort of Democrat whose policies would actually reduce the total number of abortions. They accused Evangelicals who opposed Obama of preferring to support the party of war instead of what they insisted was the true pro-life party. Tony Campolo tried to get abortion reduction language into the Democratic Party Platform and, having failed, claimed victory anyway on the basis of some very fuzzy wording. Being a little fuzzy was what the Democratic Party considered to be a major compromise. Even the honorable Ron Sider was swept up in the nonsense.

So two years later, what do the advocates of abortion reduction have to show for their efforts? The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to chug along as predicted and Obama's record is now clearly that of the most pro-abortion president in American history by a wide margin. Those Evangelicals who were duped into supporting Obama, along with a strong majority of Independent voters, are now experiencing buyer's remorse and getting ready to vote against the Democratic stranglehold on Congress in November. Meanwhile, Wallis, McLaren and Campolo are laughing at the gullibility of the Evangelicals who voted for Obama as the big government/big spending agenda is imposed on America in an attempt to turn the country into a failed European social democracy.

Steven Ertelt has done the depressing job of documenting and listing the pro-abortion actions of President Obama during the past two years here. Hardly a week has gone by but what Obama has not made a pro-abortion appointment, made a pro-abortion speech or funneled some cash to a pro-abortion group. So many Republican pro-life policies have now been changed that the lie is thereby given to the argument that pro-lifers should not bother supporting the Republicans because the Republicans never did anything about abortion anyway. From Mexico City to the Supreme Court appointments to funding for abortions by the federal government, Obama has reversed pro-life policies supported by Republican administrations.

Read Ertelt's list and then see if talk of "abortion reduction" means anything to you. It is now proven to be what many of us called it at the time: a scam.

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