Monday, June 28, 2010

Committed to Grandparenting

What no posts for nearly two days? Have I died? No, I traveled to Alberta on Saturday to be with my daughter, son-in-law and 21 month old grandson as they anticipate the imminent birth of a sister for little Isaac.

Because of the G-20 summit, I decided to get to the airport extra early on Saturday even though I had an evening flight, so I got 200 pages read of the bestselling Ann Rand novel, Atlas Shrugged. I can't believe how similar the way the characters talk in the novel is to the stuff you regularly hear today on the Left. It is almost eerie because the socialist rhetoric in the book is so cheesy and formulaic and yet so close to what Obama says almost every time he opens his mouth. The socialists have not had a new idea in over 100 years and the progressives have not had a non-socialist idea since they got started in the early 20th century.

Anyway, we had church this morning and then Beth and Chris went off to the "big city" (i.e. Red Deer!) for their last dinner and movie date for a while. The next few weeks will be a big adjustment as they get used to having two little ones at once. My wife will fly out as soon as Beth goes into labor so she can be here to help for the first two weeks after the baby is born. She has less vacation that I do and I'm actually working here with my books and computer until such time as labor begins and my "vacation" officially starts.

But today was my day to give Beth and Chris a break. So Isaac and I did nap, dinner (my 'grilled cheese sandwich special' using the homemade bread Chris made before he left), playing soccer, skyping with Grammie and Uncle Steve and then more playing peek-a-boo, blocks and cars, stories, bath, prayers, drink of water, songs, rocking and finally sleep. Whew! 10:15 pm Alberta time (12:15 am my body's time) and I have the rest of the evening free. I hope the reason for the lack of blogging is now quite clear!

Grandparenting is part of the deal when it comes to marriage and family. When two people commit to the most intimate and personal relationship possible, they open themselves to new life and to the formation of a new family - with all the implications that follow from that decision. One of the implications is the responsibility to pitch in and help one's kids with the raising of their children: i.e. grandparenting.

A life centered on family is the best kind of life for everyone included married, single and consecrated celibates. Family is the place where we grow in Christian discipleship, practice servanthood and learn to love and be loved. The path of loving mutual service is not an alternative to complete commitment to Christ, but the form and shape that commitment takes. The family is a "little church" where members of the body of Christ ministers to each other and learns how to serve others outside the family as well.

I am thrilled to spend my vacation helping my daughter and son-in-law make a successful transition to having two children under the age of two. Isaac is a joy and a delight to be around. He is very verbal and very polite, although he is a typically rambunctious boy. Our three children and now their spouses and children have become more precious to me as I grow older and not less. Family is truly a blessing from God and more important than so man other things that compete for our attention and fill our days.

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Unknown said...

Can't believe I haven't visited Politics of the Cross in such a long time!
I completely agree that 'grandparenthood' follows from the consent of the wedding day. My parents helped us so much with their grandchildren - but they thought it was strange. I guess they didn't see this as a part of their wedding vows! Good point.