Friday, June 25, 2010

The Inner Contradictions of the Left or "Gay Rights" For All - As Long as You're Not Israeli

The annual Toronto "Gay Pride Parade" is a celebration of individualism, hedonism, revolution and perversion. But just to prove that it is always possible to sink lower into the swamp, this year's organizing committee has reversed field and bowed to Jew-hating, Sharia-loving types who wish to use the event as a platform to denounce Israel.

Jonathan Kay has an editorial in The National Post claiming that corporate sponsors will sully their names by being associated - not with a celebration of anti-family perversion - but by being associated with a celebration of anti-family perversion that is also anti-Israel.

TD. Bud Light. Via Rail. Pizza Pizza. Rogers. These companies are among those listed as sponsors for the upcoming Pride Week in Toronto, which will culminate in the city’s famous gay-pride Parade on July 4. Like all the other sponsors, they now risk having their corporate names tarnished when that parade twists through downtown Toronto, loudly spewing hatred against the state of Israel.

Last month, Pride organizers sensibly decided to ban Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA), a group of one-issue activists who have cynically traded on Pride’s goodwill to get an audience for their shrill chants. But on Wednesday, organizers backtracked. Under a newly announced policy, parade marchers will simply have to declare themselves in compliance with City of Toronto anti-discrimination policies, and then police their own behaviour. As a result, QuAIA will no doubt be back with the same shrill messaging, once again making many Jews feel unwelcome at an event that is supposed to celebrate diversity.

This is slightly surreal - as if the companies who sponsor "Gay Pride Parades" have any reputations left to lose. Actually it's kind of funny when you think about it. It is like the "respectable" prostitutes looking down their noses at the less respectable ones or the pregnant unwed girl protesting that "I'm not that kind of girl!" But I digress.

My serious point is that an irreconcilable contradiction has now entered the coalition of labor, feminist, anarchist, environmental and other movements that make up the Left in Western countries. On the one hand is the bedrock commitment to extending and entrenching the sexual revolution and individualism in sexuality. But on the other hand there is the entrenched orthodoxy that Islam is a third world religion that has suffered from colonialism and globalization and therefore Muslims are victims whose acts of terrorism are understandable just as are those of Marxist liberation movements around the world.

So the champions of free sex are also champions of an ideology that engages in female genital mutilation, treats women as possessions of men and hangs homosexuals when it gets a chance to do so. One could pardon the homosexuals for being a little nervous about this situation.

If the Left wins, then the patriarchal, capitalist, male-dominated, Judeo-Christian foundations of the West will be completely destroyed once and for all. So that is good, from their perspective; it's party time! Good-bye guilt and hang-ups!

But once these cultural foundations are eroded, does anybody seriously think that the bloated Western welfare states with their increasing pacifism, their aging populations and their relativistic ethics can stand up to the growing Muslim nations and their oil dollars? Look around at what is going on today. Yale University Press and Comedy Central bow to Islamic censorship. The President of the United States bans the use of the term "Islamist terrorism" in his administration lest Muslims be offended. Europe has become anti-Israel at the behest of Arabs who threaten to turn off the oil supply. The Archbishop of Canterbury thinks Sharia Law in Britain is "inevitable."

The Western Left split during the cold war against Communism in the middle of the 20th century. Some stuck to the party line and spied for Uncle Joe and the USSR. Others turned against Marxism and became real liberals. Many stayed on the fence hoping to jump on the socialist train just as it gathered enough steam to show that it was inevitably the winner.

What will the Left do now? Jew-hatred is taking over the Left leaving only conservatives to defend Israel and the right of the Jews to live in their ancient homeland without being ruled by bigots who plan to exterminate them. The irrational, fanatical commitment to sex without restraint never was a positive foundation for building or reforming a culture. It is simply a plan to destroy what exists in the blind faith that whatever rises in its place will inevitably be better. You can't build a culture on adolescent rebellion.

The inner contradictions of the left are leading it to betray the principles of liberalism and embrace fascism and anti-Semitism. Is everyone on the Left happy with this outcome? Or will there be a significant split in the movement?

Just wondering.

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For info on the dark unseen forces behind and related to the Fayetteville, Arkansas gay parade of 2010 (which honored a brainwashed 10-year-old boy!), Google "Obama Supports Public Depravity," "Separation of Raunch and State" and "Government-Approved Illegals." Did Arkansas learn anything from its flood which killed many? Can you guess which being in the universe has the final say on what happens on His planet? No, it's not the "Dog" in the "In Dog We Trust" motto or the "Gold" in the "In Gold We Trust" motto - but you're getting close!

PS - Those interested in prophecy can Google "Pretrib Rapture Politics," "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty," and "Pretrib Rapture Secrecy." surfing!)