Saturday, June 19, 2010

Muslims Abuse British Soldiers: Why is This Permitted?

Now that we supposedly have a Conservative government, sort of, in the UK, one wonders why this sort of anti-British hatred is allowed in London. The Daily Mail has some shocking photos of Muslim demonstrators hurling insults at British troops returning from Afghanistan. If these people have greater loyalty to Afghanistan than to the UK, why don't they go and live there? Why does anyone assume that they should be allowed to live in the West if they want to serve as a fifth column in the Jihad against the West? Why is this tolerated?

I don't think that all Muslims should be exiled to Muslim countries. The comments section contain rational statements from several Muslims who rightly deplore the actions of these radical demonstrators. Most Muslims just want to live in peace and adapt to Western ways. But I do think that the same violent sentiments on display here lie behind the 7/11 bombing and are not tolerable in a Western country. They are blaming the US and Canada and the UK for retaliating against the regime responsible for 9/11. Why do they think that Muslim radicals should be allowed to attack the West and get away with it? Why aren't they concerned to convince their fellow-Muslims to stop bombing innocent civilians if they don't want Muslim countries invaded?

These demonstrators need to be rounded up and deported. Who on earth could object to the principle that if you hate the West and support Al-Qaida and the Taliban you should not be allowed to live in the West? We have a right to live in peace without fear of Islamofascism.

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