Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wow! I Almost Feel Patriotic!

Here is a story about our Governor General Michelle Jean, eating a seal heart as part of an Inuit ceremony. When asked if this was a message to the Europeans (who recently banned Canadian seal products), she said "“Take from that what you will.” Here is a snippet.

"While visiting Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, on Monday, Ms. Jean gutted and ate a piece of the bleeding, raw heart of a freshly slaughtered seal.
Ms. Jean then wiped her fingers and expressed dismay that anyone would characterize the Inuit seal hunt as inhumane.
Earlier this month, the European Parliament voted to ban seal products, a move that was seen by aboriginals and Atlantic Canadian fishermen as an attack on their trade.
Asked Tuesday whether her actions were a message to Europe, Ms. Jean replied, “Take from that what you will.”"

Wow! You tell them Governor General Jean! Preach it! Pass the seal meat! The hypocritical urbanites in Europe, who are persecuting Canada's native people and Newfoundlanders, are so alienated from nature that they likely do not even know that filet mignon actually comes from cute, floppy eared, peaceable cows, which are murdered by sadists and chopped up into bits to be eaten by savage - wait for it - Europeans!

The environmental movement has made money out of using the Canadian seal hunt to fuel faux outrage for years. They think animals are more important than humans and they froth at the mouth about a culture they do not understand. They wouldn't know humane hunting methods if they saw them because for such fanatics there is no such thing as a humane hunting method. They are pitiful, decadent, urbanites for whom sentimentality has replaced morality. If only she had eaten the heart of a human fetus, they would have had no problem with her.

Take from that what you will!

More reaction pro and con. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/governor-general-applauded-denounced-for-eating-raw-seal/article1153869/

More from The National Post: http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=1632873

You can always count on The Toronto Star to give the crazies a platform. Here is PETA's take:

"PETA today likened Jean's sampling of seal heart to "taking part in the beating of women in the Middle East because it is part of local practice.""

What a horrible perversion to compare women to seals. Oh sure, some will claim that that is not what they said. So why is it that when these people reach for a metaphor to describe how outraged they are, they end up comparing the treatment of animals to the treatment of people? This is moral childishness and it is offensive coming from adults.

A Further Update: G-G Jean Speaks About Why She Did What She Did

Michelle Jean, our Governor-General, speaks about respecting the culture, the way of life and the people of the North and East of Canada. She is articulate and reasonable, unlike her shrill, one-note, extremist critics.

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