Thursday, May 7, 2009

Levant's Movement for Human Rights Gathers Steam

This just in from the People's Republic of Canada: Ezra Levant's book Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights, sits at #20 on this morning. Thanks be to God! If you haven't read it, buy it before it is banned!

On his blog, he describes a non-partisan human rights event held on Parliament Hill on May 5th attended by 230 people including many from the Prime Minister's Office, at least 50 MP's and Senators including many cabinet members. Levant describes the nature of the event as being to "to give Members of Parliament, Senators and Hill staff a chance to learn more about Canada's corrupt and abusive human rights commissions, and the a pressing need for change." The event was hosted by Liberal MP Dr. Keith Martin and Conservative MP, Rick Dykstra. Some Liberal and Bloc MP's were in attendance as well as Conservatives. (No mention of the NDP - I wonder why!) Listen to this next part where Ezra describes what Senator Jerry Grafstein had to say:

"Sen. Grafstein's comments were touching: he acknowledged that he had personally been involved with the creation of Canada's human rights commissions, and that he regretted their wayward course. He actually said he wished he had lost the debate decades ago. I found that quite touching -- and his criticisms of the radicals who now run the commissions was very powerful, given Sen. Grafstein's impeccable human rights credentials."

It sounds like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. But as long as government-appointed party hacks on HRC's can fine ordinary citizens, force them to spend a fortune defending themselves against ridiculous charges in long drawn-out procedures with no time limits, order their "re-education" and compel them to shut up in public on certain issues - all for doing nothing more than exercising their right to free speech as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - we can never rest easy.

Canada's Charter has been hijacked by a well-intentioned, but poorly designed, system of Human Rights Commissions - intended as a way of helping immigrants not be denied housing and to settle low-level disputes out of court, but which have now morphed into tribunals enforcing political correctness, policing thought and taking away the right to free speech. These HRC's are the spear tip of the politically correct movement. Freedom is a precarious thing and it is clear that many people in our society hate it with a cold passion that is chilling. Ezra Levant is turning over rocks to expose what many would rather not look at. But that is exactly why we must look and not look away until the mess is cleaned up.

Some people think socialism is benign - that it means something like being nice and sharing like we learned to do in kindergarden. Such people are misty-eyed optimists with little experience of life and too gullible to be trusted with responsbilitity in the real world. The reality, as we have come to see in Canada, is quite different. Socialism is about bureaucrats in some office tower downtown telling you what you can say and what you can think and what opinion you are allowed to express in public - and they will define "public" post facto. It is about a clique of politically-correct, group-thinking civil servants, whose hold on their positions depends on their not rocking the boat, thinking that it is up to them to decide according to what moral code your children will be educated, if your church qualifies for a tax ememption or not and if you should be allowed to hold a meeting on public property or not.

In socialism, the very concept of the public changes. Rather than meaning "that which belongs to all equally" it comes to mean "that which belongs to the majority or the group in power." So students who wish to protest abortion on the University of Calgary campus can be arrested. A student group that wants to hold a prayer meeting can be forced off school property. This sort of thing exemplifies the socialist thinking that reasons: "Since we are the ones in power, public property is for our use and that of those who agree with us."

Ezra Levant is gaining a hearing for reason and common sense. It is about time someone stepped up to challenge those who threaten our basic democratic rights. He needs all the help he can get. Buy his book. Invite him to speak. Pray for him. He is a Jew but he won't mind. He knows that he needs all the help he can get in this fight.

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