Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feminism: A Good Word That Has Been Hijacked

The drive for unlimited abortion licence in the West has been fueled largely by Second Wave Feminism, which began with the works of Betty Frieden and others in the 1960's. Mostly upper middle class white women have arrogated to themselves the "right" to speak on behalf of all women and have managed to stare down all opposition from those who affirm human rights for all.

The latest evidence for the absurdity of calling this movement "Feminism" comes from Sweden, that enlightened bastion of equality, which has just decided that abortion for sex selection is just fine with them. That so-called "Feminists" do not rise up as one and protest shows that they are not really Feminists at all; just purveyers of personal convenience and hedonism who have found a line that works with the public. If abortion is so empowering to women how come it is almost never the boy babies who get aborted?

Let's face reality. Anyone who thinks it is OK to kill a person just because she is female is worse than the Taliban. At least with them there has to be at least a "perceived" wrong action on the part of the female. In abortion for sex selection, the person murdered is as innocent as they come on planet earth. And the Taliban like to make up offences for women to keep them in line, but in abortion for sex selection the female fetus is killed for no offence other than being female. Hatred for females cannot, by any stretch of anyone's imagination, by any possible weaseling litany of rationalizations, or by any kind of twisted logic, be considered feminist. How can anyone argue that point with a straight face?

But the implications are huge. If the official, pro-abortion on demand, well-heeled, government-funded, self-proclaimed "feminist" organizations and the individuals who head them are not really feminists, then what moral right do they have to define what it means to respect women? And why are they allowed to get away with passing off their narrow, ideologically views as the voice of "women"? Can anyone really presume to speak for 51% of the human race? (even if the % is slowly going down due to sex selection abortion?)

At ProWomanProLife, the word feminism is not conceded to the pro-abortionists and the discussion is on how to take back the word "feminist" from the purveyers of death. That is a discussion that is long overdue.

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