Friday, January 14, 2011

What is Going On in Europe?

From CNA news comes this astonishing story: "New EU School Calendar Omits Christian Holidays."
A 2011-2012 school calendar published by the European Union has omitted Christian holidays, while continuing to note important Jewish and Muslim celebrations.

The European Union has printed three million copies of the calendar which will be distributed free-of-charge to students who request them.

Former French politician and government minister, Christine Boutin, wrote in her blog Jan. 11 that the calendar leaves out Christianity, “the religion practiced or recognized as forming the cultural assembly of our ‘old’ continent.”

Boutin is a consultant for the Pontifical Council for the Family, as well as president of the Christian Democratic Party in France. She went on to lament that Christianity has “fallen into the limbo of collective ignorance.”

While Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter are missing from the calendar's pages, days commemorating “Sikh Baisakhi-Day, the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday, the Muslim holiday Aid-el-Kebir,” remain in place,” Boutin continued.

The Christian Democratic Party in France called the omissions “unacceptable” and has filed a petition asking that the calendars not be distributed as printed, but that students be given versions that include Christian holidays.

Read it all here.

What on earth is going on in the EU? What twisted kind of self-loathing causes people to hate their own history and culture so much that they go to such ridiculous lengths to be offensive? Have all the adults left the building? Is the ground being laid for the open persecution of European Christians? I can't even formulate the words to analyze what is going on here in a way that makes sense of it. It is so bizarre as to be beyond rational comprehension. Anyone care to take a crack at a reasoned explanation for such behavior?


Gordon Hackman said...

Have you read Michael O'Brien's "Father Elijah?" Stuff like this makes me think of that book. I think you would like it.

Craig Carter said...

I'm a fan of Michael O'Brien and had the pleasure of meeting him earlier this year. Father Elijah is a great book - you are so right.