Thursday, January 20, 2011

They are Pro-abortion, Not Pro-choice

It is a scandal and an outrage that so-called "pro-choice" advocates have voted down a bill in Parliament that would make the coercion of a woman into having an abortion a crime. Anybody who has spent any time around a crisis pregnancy center knows that this is a huge problem in Canada. How anybody could possibly oppose a bill like this is beyond comprehension.

One thing it proves is that people who voted against it are not pro-choice, but pro-abortion. Our society throws pregnant women to the wolves and calls it "compassion." It calls for choice and then turns a blind eye when coercion is applied to women who want to make the choice for life. It is positively Orwellian and shows that we are dealing with a deep-seated spiritual evil.

From The Interim:
On Dec. 15, the House of Commons voted down C-510, a private member's bill that would have amended the Criminal Code to add coercing an abortion to its list of offenses. Rod Bruinooge (C, Winnipeg South), who introduced the bill, said it was necessary to ensure that pregnant women did not have to choose between protecting themselves and the children they were carrying. The bill was dubbed Roxanne's Law after Roxanne Fernando, a Winnipeg immigrant who was beaten and left to die at the side of a road in 2007 by her boyfriend and his accomplices, reportedly after she refused his demand to have an abortion.

Abortion advocates both inside Parliament and out insisted that C-510 was a stealth pro-life bill intent on granting precedent-setting rights to the unborn. NDP MP Irene Matheyssen and Liberal MP Marlene Jennings were among those who spoke against the bill in early November, describing it as an assault on "a woman's right to choose." Campaign Life Coalition British Columbia president John Hof said in a press release that C-510 "was about ensuring women were making the decision without pressure." CLC national president Hughes said it was ironic that those who chortle choice would oppose a measure aimed at preventing coercion.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and other Conservative opponents of C-510 said the bill was redundant because coercion was already against the law. Bruinooge responded that such an argument was "cover" for the bill's opponents. He explained, "The fact that no one has ever been charged with coercing an abortion in Canada is absolute proof that clarification of the law is desperately needed."

Another scandal is that Prime Minister Stephen Harper voted against this bill. This is outrageous and unforgivable. It is enough to make me reconsider voting Conservative in the next election. It looks like pro-life Canadians have no party to vote for and no voice - just like the innocent unborn and their mothers.

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Unknown said...

How very sad and disappointing! Sometimes when I hear this kind of thing it's hard not to feel hopeless. Satan has truly blinded their eyes to the truth. Even Stephen Harper voted against it. Shame, shame! Still, we hope against hope because we know that God is ultimately in control and that things are working toward His end.