Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why Did They Change It from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change?"

Well, maybe this post from "Watts Up with That" entitled "Red Faces at the Met Office" can help explain the answer to that question. Here is an excerpt:
Let’s hope Santa isn’t relying on weather forecasts from the U.K. Met Office. The British deep freeze of recent weeks (which has also immobilized much of continental Europe) is profoundly embarrassing for the official forecaster. Just two months ago it projected a milder than usual winter. This debacle is more than merely embarrassing. The Met Office is front and centre in rationalizing the British government’s commitment to fight catastrophic man-made global warming with more and bigger bureaucracy, so its conspicuous errors raise yet more questions about that “settled” science. –-Peter Foster, Financial Post, 22 December 2010
This post contains a response from the Met Office and a number of links to other sites. Read it all here.

As Britain struggles to shovel out (yet again) people are wryly suggesting that a little global warming would feel jolly good right about now. Could we please release a bit more CO2 and warm things up a little?

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