Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Global Warming Activism Does Not Lead to Greater Social Justice: Here is Why

Please watch this video. It presents the other side of the global warming issue in a humorous, yet serious, manner. The other side I am referring to is not the other side of the scientific debate about how much human activity is actually affecting climate change. I refer instead to the moral debate over how to respond to climate change.

The environmental movement claims the moral high ground and poses as a humanistic and altruistic movement for social justice. Actually, as Crowder argues, is it posturing, insincere and anti-human. It is a front for Marxism, which always promises the moon but delivers only misery.

If you care about the poor and social justice, please watch this video and get the other side of the story.

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BallBounces said...

Stephen, Stephen, Stephen. You are so wrong. Green policies will not hurt the poor -- part of the green prescription is for the wealthy nations to subsidize and fund the poor nations. It's called environmental justice. So, the wealthy nations will shell out green twice. Once for their green, and secondly for the negative consequences of green on poorer nations. Didn't you hear the lady say in that exquisitely passive voice, "the money must be there"?!