Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Disinviting Islam

At the group blog "What's Wrong with the World" a series is being published this week entitled: "Disinviting Islam." Part I: The Need was published on Monday and Part II: Proposals was published yesterday. Part III on how this approach of "Disinviting Islam accords with Christian charity will appear on Friday. I recommend the reading of the whole series.

The premise is that we need to recognize that the threat of Islam weakening our societal foundations from within and gradually taking over our societies by imposing Sharia one step at a time is much more serious than the threat from radical Islamic terrorism. The two problems are related, of course, but terrorism is only a means to the end of the take-over of the West, not an end in itself. So to focus exclusively on terrorism as if it were an irrational phenomenon in itself that bears no relation to the millennium-long, on-again off-again war of Islamic aggression against the West is naive and dangerous.

We cannot will into existence the world we wish existed; we must deal with the world as it it. The Utopianism and anti-realism of the Left has weakened both the intellect and the will of our culture over the past 150 years in such a way as to leave us exposed to a virile religious ideology that seeks to impose theocracy on the entire globe. Our military and economic strength appears overwhelming, but if we lack the will to use our strength we will fall inevitably to an enemy whose will is stronger even though his strength is less. After all, unused strength is as useless as weakness when the battle starts. And the battle for Western culture is already underway.

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