Monday, November 1, 2010

The New McCarthism of the Left

We have listened to President Obama calling a sector of the electorate "enemies" in recent days. When John Boehner, Jon Stewart and John Podesta all agree you should not have said something, chances are there is a pretty wide consensus on that point! Now even Obama agrees that he should not have said "enemies." But this is just one example of the divisive, polarizing and hyper-partisan rhetoric emanating from an increasingly-desperate president whose coalition is falling apart and who is on the verge of losing congress.

But Obama has had his enemies list for a while and has tried to de-legitimize those, like Fox News, who dare to disagree with him. And all too often his minions in the mainstream media have responded by doing everything they can to aid his cause despite their duty to be unbiased in reporting the news.

The Journolist scandal was one example. The liberal media has done a hatchet job on Joe Miller in Alaska. The firing of Juan Williams for associating with Fox News was shocking. Now, we have yet another example of the McCarthy tactics of the Left in attempting to silence those who won't be cowed into submission. Newreel Blog reports:
The Left nauseatingly pays lip service to the terms ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity.’ In reality, they are highly intolerant and they hate diversity, particularly diversity of thought. They hate free markets and really loathe free marketplaces of ideas. As such, the stompy foot temper tantrums were in full force when it was announced that Andrew Breitbart and Dana Loesch, Editor In Chief of Breitbart’s Big Journalism, would be participating in ABC’s election night coverage. A coordinated effort between the usual suspects immediately, and predictably, sprung up. How dare ABC include people who won’t merely spout the Left’s talking points and somehow blame George W. Bush and people too stupid to understand the “nuance” of Democrats and their policies? Oh, and racists, natch.
Read it all here.

Naturally, ABC caved in to the leftist onslaught and canceled Breitbart. So Andrew Breitbart is now officially blacklisted. He comments on his blog here and shows the email evidence of the ABC flipflop. Andrew Breitbart may be more conservative than you would like, but it is difficult to say that he does not represent a widespread set of opinions in America today. It is shocking that liberals can blacklist someone like him. Who knows, maybe by tomorrow night he will be back on again. Or maybe not.

But it is amusing to see how the liberal media keeps shooting themselves in the foot. They get accused of bias by conservatives and, as if by some sort of Pavlovian response mechanism, they immediately make an unforced error by doing something to give substance and support to the conservative charge, which provokes conservative outrage, which provokes another black list or firing and so on it goes. Eventually, the public loses faith in the liberal media and switches channels. And then, bankruptcies ensue and the liberal media destroys itself.

It is too bad. Someone should have told them that they can't keep this sort of thing secret anymore. We have the Internet now.

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Peter W. Dunn said...

We have the internet. But don't forget about talk radio. One the major functions of talk radio is to reveal the modus operandi of the "lamestream" media.