Monday, November 29, 2010

10 Things Liberals Believe That are Just Not Believable to Most of the Rest of Us

1. That spreading condoms around and teaching people that using them in promiscuous sexual relationships is safe.

2. That anthropocentric global warming is a proven fact beyond all reasonable doubt.

3. That a massive transfer of wealth from the West to Third World governments via a UN administered banking transaction tax will save the planet from the disasters that will follow global warming.

4. That affirmative action and racial quotas are not racist.

5. That permanent welfare is good for poor people.

6. That all conservatives are stupid and all liberals are smart.

7. That it makes no difference to the welfare of children whether or not they are brought up by their married, biological parents.

8. That sex education for primary school children is anything other than desensitization and propaganda for the sexual revolution.

9. That an atheistic society is just as likely to have high moral standards and concern for the neighbor as a Christian one.

10. That it makes no difference to our self-image and self-respect to believe that we are evolved by chance from animals rather than being created specifically in the image of God by the Creator.


Peter W. Dunn said...

The really smart liberals, i.e., the ones with PhDs, also believe that massive stimuli, quantitative easing, and government deficits will help grow the private sector economy in a time of economic recession.

Craig Carter said...

Good, I meant to ask for more suggestions to add to the list.