Thursday, November 11, 2010

Margaret Thatcher on the "Gap"

It has been a busy week. Hopefully, I will be able to get back to the capitalism debate tomorrow. In the meantime, here is a clip from Margaret Thatcher's last speech in the House of Commons in which she skewers the socialists with logic and humor.

Poor old broken Britain could sure use her back in the leadership again! Instead they have socialism lite in the form of the faux conservative David Cameron, whose greatest ambition appears to manage decline efficiently. True, he is cutting the obscene levels of spending, but it is arguable that even a new socialist government would need to do that. On schools policies, we shall see. But on Europe, social issues and many other questions, David Cameron is the type of conservative who gives the Conservative Party a bad name.

What I liked about Thatcher was her willingness and ability to make the moral argument for free enterprise. Conservatives need either to learn how to make that argument or else give up and become socialists. I think I'm preaching to myself at this point.

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