Monday, March 23, 2009

Lament for Christendom

Western Christendom is dead. Even so, the mopping up operation continues as every last trace of the influence of Christianity is systematically eradicated from every square inch of the public square and a post-Christian paganism settles into power. I find it absolutely unbelievable that, in such a time as this, any Christian would not feel a sense of loss as the good benefits brought to the West by Christianity pass into history. Yet, everywhere you go you hear people continuing to beat a dead horse and angrily denouncing any sign that any public decision might be made on the basis of a Christian ideal. When I listen to Christians talking eagerly about the coming age of persecution when the church will be better off, I think they must be either stupid or naively sentimental. And in this case, sentimentalism is deadly. The coming persecution will not be good. It will be painful, long lasting, bloody and depressing.

The longing for the passing of Christendom is sentimental and naive unless there is a recognition that what follows is not a neutral state and neutral culture, but a state and culture dominated by a non-Christian religion bent on converting Christians to itself. If you think a culture can be liberal individualist for a long time, you are deceived. Liberal individualism is parasitic on Christendom and when the host dies the parasite dies with it. If you think the coming paganism will be good for minorities, women and children, the elderly, the disabled, and dissenters, then you are mistaken. What comes next after Christendom is a tough paganism that will aim at eradicating Christianity itself. Most Western Christians will be too compromised, too weak, too lacking in conviction and too cowardly to choose persecution, suffering and martyrdom. Most will abandon their witness in exchange for peace and security. Brother will betray brother, children will betray parents and friendships will end as people make their choices.

Liberal Protestantism and Liberal Catholicism will morphe into pagan religions (the process is already well-advanced in some circles) and find a niche in the new order. The very fact that they accept the new paganism will be all the justification the rulers need for persecuting those Christians who are not so "reasonable" as to convert. They will be the new court prophets for the idolatrous regieme. This too will be hard to bear.

No one wishes to return to Christendom imposed by violent coercion. It is the loss of Christian faith that I lament - the Christian faith that made it possible to maintain Christendom for a time without violence. But alas, Christian faith does not persist accross the generations automatically. Once again we are driven to ask: "When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith upon the earth?"

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