Monday, March 2, 2009

Congratulations to President Obama!

Now there is a headline you won't see very often on this blog. However, Barack Obama has made a decision that required a spine and even involved standing up to the knee-jerk Left on the issue of anti-Semitism despite the fact that it means that the first African-American US president must boycott a UN conference on racism.

On Friday, the US announced that it would follow Canada's lead and boycott the UN Conference Against Racism to be held in Switzerland. This is the follow-up to the debacle in Durban, South Africa in 2001, during which Israel was singled out for attack by Muslim countries and only Western European slavery (which ended over a century ago) was heavily criticized and Muslim slavery, which has a much longer history in Africa (and, incredibly, is still going on today in places like the Sudan), was not so much as mentioned!

The conference became a forum for anti-Jewish forces to equate Zionism with racism. The destruction of the state of Israel is the stated goal of Iran and Syria and they were able to rally support for a systematic attack on Israel throughout much of the conference. The US delegation actually walked out halfway through the conference. The Bush administration had planned all along to boycott this conference (Durban II) but Obama ordered his officials to enter into negotiation with the conference organizers on the agenda and draft documents, hoping to make it possible for the US to participate. But last week the administration came to the conclusion that it was hopeless and pulled the plug on participation. This decision exposes the racism of the purported "anti-racists" for all to see, since they can not longer blame the US decision not to participate on the "right-wing" Bush administration. Kudos to Obama for not allowing his administration to get caught up in the anti-Jewish movement that files in true Orwellian fashion under the banner of "anti-racism."

Here is a story from the Toronto Star with the background:

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