Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thank-you Notes

Thank-you to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for taking a pass on the lewd, crude, celebration of vice known as "Gay Pride Parade." It is no place for a mayor. Toronto feels just a little bit more like an adult city as a result.

Thank-you to Barbara Kay for supporting Mayor Ford with a great piece in The National Post.

Thank-you to the homosexual activist blogger who admitted out loud that people like him want to indoctrinate our children whether we like it or not. It is good to have the issues right out on the table.

Thank-you to Senator Rand Paul for expressing my sentiments exactly to the head of the TSA in a recent hearing by calling the TSA "clueless" for patting down a six year girl.

Thank-you to President Barack Obama for explaining the cause of high unemployment (automated tellers) and demonstrating how utterly like the TSA he is about economics.

Thank-you to Geert Wilders for giving leadership to those who love freedom by influencing the Dutch government to start the inevitable process of moving away from multiculturalism.

Thank-you to Michelle Bachmann for standing up for Israel.


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