Monday, June 6, 2011

And a Ragged Cheer Went Up from All the Serfs . . .

Today is Tax Freedom Day in Canada! From the National Post:
Three weeks shy of the half way mark for the year, June 6th is Tax Freedom Day for Canadians, according to The Fraser Institute. Thus, once the full working year is complete, we can look back and view all the work performed until June 5th as paying the total tax bill imposed on us by federal, provincial and municipal governments.

And the trend is to working longer to pay still more taxes: June 6th is two days later than Tax Freedom Day 2010, which fell on June 4th.

So it is two days later this year than last. Hmm. . . at that rate we will be working the entire year for the government by, let's see, about 2090. Many of us should be dead by then so that's something.

Will the Conservative government do anything to lower our taxes and increase our freedom? We shall see. I'm inclined to think that they will slow the growth of government, but actually decreasing the size of government is too much to hope for.

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