Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is an Election Brewing in Canada?

Ottawa is buzzing with election talk. John Ivison thinks that the Liberals, NDP and Bloc are plotting to create a coalition government if the election result gives the Conservatives the most seats but not a majority.

I cannot believe Ignatieff and Layton would be so dumb as to pull the plug on Parliament and force an election while openly plotting to form a government which would be dependent on support from a separatist party. In the election campaign they are going to have to deny it (and then turn themselves into liars) or else own up to it and face the fallout.

If they think Ontario will put up with letting separatists hold a gun to the head of the Federal treasury like that, they are wrong - disastrously wrong.

Toronto just elected a conservative mayor and the sky has not fallen yet. The northern half of Toronto and the 905 belt have a lot of seats and voters there may need only an excuse like that provided by the prospect of a coalition of losers and separatists to convince them to vote Conservative.

I predicted a Tory majority in 2010 but no election happened. I predicted one again in 2011. Never has that prediction looked as good as it does today. Go ahead, Layton! Make me a prophet!

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