Friday, March 4, 2011

The Homosexual Ideology May be Receding

Andrew Walker at Mere Orthodoxy has an excellent post that follows up on Trevin Wax's top ten reasons why he is optimistic about the prolife cause. (See my previous post.)

Andrew is optimistic about natural marriage. Here are his top ten reasons why:

"10. The Un-doing of Same-Sex Marriage Law
9. The Unpersuasive Arguments for Same-Sex Marriage
8. The Persuasive Arguments for Natural Marriage
7. The Network of Coalitions
6. The Forcefulness of State's Rights
5. The Black Church
4. Free Speech and Religious Liberty
3. The Silent Majority
2. Tactics Exposed
1. The Permanence of Marriage as God's Institution"

I think that the push for "same-sex marriage" is not likely to be successful in America as a whole, even though it may take root in certain fringe states like Vermont and Oregon where the population of Christians is low and the culture of death well-advanced.

This story by John McCormack at the Weekly Standard is interesting: "Same-sex Marriage Stalls in Deep Blue Maryland." One interesting point McCormack notes is:
The charge against gay marriage in Maryland is being led largely by African-American pastors--"some of the most vocal opponents" of the measure, the Washington Post reports. The campaign seems to be working. Alston represents a heavily African American district in Prince George's County, and she "told reporters that her constituents have bombarded her with negative reaction to the proposal which has passed the state Senate," reports a local Fox affiliate.
He also notes that similar legislation is also stalled in nearby Rhode Island. Opposition from the churches has been unexpectedly strong.

I think Walker is right. America is not finished yet and as long as it stands, the ideal of the West - limited government, religious freedom, free speech, the division of powers, democracy, free enterprise etc. - will not disappear from the earth.

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