Monday, September 13, 2010

Geert Wilders' Speech at Ground Zero on 9/11

Geert Wilders is a leading Dutch politician and head of the Freedom Party. He lives his life under death threats from Muslims because he is leading a movement to oppose the take-over of Europe by Islam. He stands for Western ideals like free speech, religious freedom and liberal democracy. He opposes theocracy, sharia law and totalitarian rule by Muslim religious leaders. For this he is villified and hated by the secular, establishment Left in the Netherlands.

Nevertheless, the people increasingly vote for him in increasing numbers in every election.

Here is Wilders' speech at a rally held on 9/11 at Ground Zero.

He exposes the real agenda of the Ground Zero Mosque project as Islamic triumphalism. He asks the unanswerable question of why an inter-faith center promoting tolerance is not being built where it is really needed: in Mecca.

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