Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Majority of Americans Say That Obama is No Better Than Bush

I can't deny I've been waiting for this day for over three years and I can't deny that I feel just a little bit of vindication. (I'm restraining myself. Gloating is not good.) Three years ago, when the whole world was swooning over "The One" and "Hope and Change" and breathlessly waiting for the oceans to stop rising on Inauguration Day, I was pointing out that Obama is the most left-wing Democratic nominee for president in history and a man who is so owned by the abortion industry that he supports child murder in the form of partial birth abortion. I hoped he would fail because he does not represent the views of the majority of the American people, but for a time he looked invincible.

But now, according to the New York Post, a USA Today/Gallop Poll just released shows that, for the first time, less than half the American population thinks that Obama is a better president than George W. Bush. The article says:

More than half of those surveyed in a new poll - 56% - say that President Obama has been worse in the White House, or just about the same, as George W. Bush.

A result, from a USA Today/Gallup poll out Friday, could not have gone over well with Obama's political strategists.

"The fact that less than half of Americans say Obama has been a better president than Bush, given the low regard Americans have for the Bush presidency, poses a clear challenge for Obama," Gallup's website declared in a breakdown of the poll, which surveyed 1,004 Americans, living in all 50 states, from Sept. 15-18.

Ouch - that has got to hurt! In media and elite circles, George W. Bush has the reputation that Mahmoud Ahmadinegad actually deserves. And yet most Americans now think Obama is either worse or no better.

Obviously, the "bitter clingers" have a lot of friends who are coming round to their way of thinking. Support for Obama among Independents is eroding quickly. Every time an Obama supporter tries to demonize the Tea Party, more voters move away from the Democrats because demonizing the views of the majority is a sure path to electoral defeat.

Obama's approval ratings have tanked over the summer and got no bounce whatsoever from his campaign speech on jobs delivered to a joint session of Congress. The Real Clear Politics average of approval ratings poll today is 43.3% approval and 51.1% disapproval (a negative 7.8%).

According to another recent poll, 52% of Americans expect Obama to lose the 2012 election and already 49% say they will definitely vote against him - an unusually high number. Only 36% say they definitely plan to vote for him.

It will still be a long and difficult campaign. Obama will have a billion dollars from public sector unions and his high-rolling Hollywood and Wall Street friends and a lot of it will be spent on vicious attack ads, ad hominum attacks on the Republican candidate and the distortion of the truth. And the liberal media bias in the US is probably worth another billion to the Obama campaign. There will be union thugs trying to intimidate voters, constant class warfare and the desperate playing of the race card over and over.

By November 2012 America will be exhausted, discouraged and depressed. The economy will be no better and the most divisive president in US history will have just finished waging the most divisive campaign in US history. The nation will be bruised and battered, but, I predict, not browbeaten by fear and negativity into re-electing Barack Obama. America, I believe, is not quite ready to go quietly into that dark night just yet. There is hope in change.


adamryan said...

I like how you completely leave out the ages of those in the poll. There is still a large majority of elderly, racist voters. They have hated Obama from the beginning, they will hate him during, and they will hate him after his presidency. Leaving this demographic out of your article is unprofessional at best and misleading at worst.

I will vote for Obama in 2012. He has done a fine job, accomplishing in 3 years a significant amount of damage control from the 8 year regime that was the Bush administration.

Fox News and other right-wing looney bins may hate Obama but their hatred is obnoxious, unfounded, and racist. We listen patiently, waiting for a sound criticism of his presidency, giving them a chance to voice their differences of opinion, only to be met with nothing but chin-wagging and hot air.

Obama for 2012!

Craig Carter said...

I hate to puncture your balloon but those polls showing younger voters being more liberal have been happening for decades. It does not indicate that the next generation will be more liberal (which liberals eagerly hope for) because as each generation becomes more mature it becomes more conservative. It is just natural.

As for the groundless racist accusation, that is a sign of desperation as in "You wouldn't dare vote out a black president!" When you can't defend his policies, you play the race card. This time, it won't work.

I've always said that electing black president was a big step toward becoming a color-blind, post-racist society, but voting out a black president will be an even bigger step. A society is post-racist when the skin color just no longer matters.