Monday, May 2, 2011

Every King Needs a Court Prophet to Wink at His Sexual Indiscretions

Faithful Anglicans must despair when they hear the second highest official in the Church of England say utterly stupid and disgraceful things like the Daily Telegraph reports Archbishop Sentamu as saying about the decision of William and Kate to live together before marrying:
The Archbishop of York backed Prince William and Kate Middleton’s decision to live together before marriage, saying that many modern couples want to “test the milk before they buy the cow”.
He may be an Archbishop, but he is also an ass. Someone should tell him that women are not cows.

In what have been a case of taking the British penchant for understatement a bit far, Rev. David Philips, an official of one of those special interest groups in the Church of England designed for those who still believe the whole package, said:
However, the Rev David Phillips, general secretary of the Church Society, a conservative evangelical group, said the Archbishop had “missed an opportunity to set out Christian teaching.”
Well, you could say that, but you could also say that he sure didn't miss an opportunity to undermine Christian teaching!

Oh, for heaven's sake, what is the use. Perhaps satire is the only appropriate response to such nonsense. David Virtue has a piece entitled: "Archbishop of York Endorses Fornication" in which he skewers the unfortunate cleric. (Be sure to read all the way to the end about the "naked lady on a horse.")

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